Death on the Mulberry Fork

We visited the Mulberry Fork at one of our favorite spots a couple of miles north of the Sipsey/Mulberry Fork. This is a place that is usually teeming with life. In the past we have seen all manner of aquatic life including the endangered Black Warrior River Dog.

On one occasion we had a visitor napping on our porch. He woke up because he felt like he was being watched. He turned and saw an otter intensely observing him. This otter and his partner were frequent visitors to our spot.

When the otters were not there, we had unusually intelligent beavers. Once when the river was quite high, four beavers gathered on the opposite side of the Mulberry Forks. I was convinced they were plotting as they watched us.

But on June 13, 2019, the river was silent. There was nothing in the water. We watched for awhile, but we could see no movement, no ripples, no otters, no beavers. However, there were birds. They were loud, disturbed.

There was one turtle.

It was eerie, disturbing.

What will it take to bring our river back?

It’s going to take us all working together.

Martha SalomaaComment